Akoni - Vela (Dark Tortoise)
Vela’s iconic cat-eye shape accentuates the cheekbones and gives the face a youthful lift that’s sure to please. Smart, playful, and sexy, Vela is a must-have style for your eyewear wardrobe. SKU: AKS-102B-55 Size (mm): 55/19-145 Gross Weight (gr): 55,93 Hinge: Custom titanium hinge...
Akoni - Sprint-A (Brushed Black)
Legendary designer Gérald Genta’s revolutionary wristwatch designs inspired Sprint-A’s streamlined shape and technically sophisticated construction. Perfectly harmonizing classic and modern, Sprint-A features mini side-shields with perforations reminiscent of the finest vintage sports car interiors. An adjustable temple system demonstrates Akoni’s...
Akoni - Lyra (Sand Swirl)
Featuring a sculpted browline that’s strong yet feminine, Lyra is an oversized classic that demands a permanent place in every serious fashionista’s eyewear wardrobe. SKU: AKS-106B-55 Size (mm): 55/19 -145 Gross Weight (gr): 59,34 Hinge: Custom titanium hinge plate w/ threaded tube screw system...
Akoni - Columba (Textured Black)
Columba was inspired by the timeless West Coast style epitomized by Southern California’s sun, surf, and convertible culture. Akoni’s modern update of this classic Wellington shape features bolder, more substantial lines that feel very much today. SKU: AKS-100D-54 Size (mm): 54/19-148
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