Healthy, perfect eyesight begins in the eye exam chair. Dr. Ruth Lipson, our highly experienced and enthusiastic optometrist, is available to ensure that our clients are seeing at their best.  After your visit with our optometrists, we're here to discuss the latest in eyewear technology. Our clients appreciate the in-depth knowledge our doctors provide on the latest in occupational progressive lenses, nighttime and low-light vision technologies, and how blue light can affect your vision and your lifestyle. For eye exam appointments, call us at 818-763-1875. 



Our experienced opticians bring exceptional insight to the optic world. The onsite lab at Optical Connection provides the highest quality prescription lenses, using the best technology for digitally designed lenses. In addition to our high standards, we offer value for our clients by delivering the best products at competitive prices.



 Shamir Autograph Lenses: When you compare analog TV to HDTV, the world suddenly looks sharp and extremely clear. Today, the world is digital and high-definition. At Optical Connection, we suggest only the best technology in digitally designed lenses for your glasses. Every digital lens is personalized for your unique prescription, and no two lenses are the same, because each digitally-fabricated lens is computer engineered. Unlike conventional progressive lenses, every digitally-fabricated progressive is perfect, consistent, computer generated, and designed with Point to Point surfacing technology. The back surface of your lenses, closest to your eye, now contain 100% of your prescription.