Jacques Marie Mage - Collectors Tray (Large)
DESCRIPTION The Jacques Marie Mage collector eyewear tray is the absolute accessory to showcase your JMM collection. Handcrafted to Jacques Marie Mage specification in Italy out of cowhide signature burgundy leather, the tray holds 6 pair of glasses/sunglasses. INFORMATION -...
Jacques Marie Mage - Eyewear Briefcase
DESCRIPTION The Jacques Marie Mage custom eyewear briefcase is the perfect companion for your J.M.M collection or your travels. Handcrafted to Jacques Marie Mage specification in Jura, France out of cowhide burgundy leather, the briefcase hold six pair of glasses/sunglasses....
Jacques Marie Mage - Black Leather Pouch
DESCRIPTION Keep your Collectible eyewear safe in a supremely soft, protective leather pouch that will be the envy of all your accessories. Handcrafted from ethically sourced calf hide from Italy, featuring custom arrowhead stainless steel corner protectors and magnetic closure....
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