Jacques Marie Mage - Anita (Noir)
DESCRIPTION Sure, you like lots of things. But if you’re like Sylvia (played by Italian actress Anita Ekberg) in Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (1960), even the subtle glamour of these voluminous spectacles will be outdone by the three things...
Jacques Marie Mage - Dealan 53 (Eclipse)
  DESCRIPTION Throughout the mid-1960's, Bob Dylan toured the world with a sole companion: one pair of iconic, black, cat-eyed spectacles. The DEALAN pays homage to this unique relationship between a man and his eyewear, incorporating bold volumes and sharp...
Jacques Marie Mage - Lake (Titan)
LIMITED BATCH OF 300 PIECES. Cultivate your inner femme fatale in uniquely shaped spectacles that embrace the glory days of golden Hollywood and the glamorous vamping of actress Veronica Lake whose sultry sophistication took her to the next level and...
Jacques Marie Mage - Prudhon (Havana)
Observe the romance and tragedy of daily life through well-balanced spectacles that reflect the thunderous talents of the influential French painter Pierre-Paul Prud'hon known best for his expressive allegorical paintings that capture the intensity darkness and light. INFORMATION MATERIAL: 10MM Havana HARDWARE: Gold...
Jacques Marie Mage - Sheridan (Dark Havana)
DESCRIPTION The ruggedness of the Western frontier meets the elegance of the Victorian age in these sturdy, refined spectacles that feature our custom mono-block hinge adorned with Art Deco hairline details and contrast color rivets. MEASUREMENTS:  EYE:46 BRIDGE:23 TEMPLE:142 INFORMATION...
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