Dita - DayTripper (Navy)
ABOUT THE DAYTRIPPER Fittingly, the book my girlfriend was reading that night would serve as inspiration for Daytripper. It was a dime store novel, dog-eared and faded from use, which chronicled the haphazard romance of an itinerant couple traveling America’s...
Dita - Interweaver
ABOUT THE INTERWEAVER An iconic all-titanium ‘cat-eye reader’ style. The Interweaver is designed to be a RX-able version of DITA’s popular Nightbird-One.DESIGN THAT FINDS BEAUTY IN PURPOSE: A reverse semi-rimless frame, the Interweaver features a floating one piece bridge and...
Dita - Mach One (Black-White Gold with G-15 lenses)
ABOUT THE MACH-ONE Since 1995, DITA has found inspiration in the international circuit of nautical, automotive and aviation design, and the individuals who have pushed boundaries within these finely crafted machines.Our iconic DITA Mach-One was inspired by this love of...
DITA - Mach-Six (Black Rhodium -Yellow Gold)
Frame Features: Titanium Lens Rim. Screw Mounted Lenses Forked Hinge Mechanism Dita’s Unique Hex Screw Hinges Dual Brow Bar To Allow For Different Finishes Custom Titanium Nosepads Acetate Temple Tips With Laser Lined Pattern 100% UVA And UVB Lens With...
Dita - Telemaker
ABOUT THE TELEMAKER Informed by the punk mentality and impervious to categorization, Telemaker joins the ranks of iconoclastic DITA character frames endowed with the power to transform.DESIGN THAT FINDS BEAUTY IN PURPOSE:Telemaker’s front frame is cut from sheets of chunky,...
Dita - Terron
ABOUT THE TERRON A chunky acetate aviator crafted with a feminine sensuality, Terron’s dramatic experimentation with weight and proportion propels a classic style into a sci-fi future.DESIGN THAT FINDS BEAUTY IN PURPOSE:The 8mm acetate front frame is skivesculpted and notched...
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